Anmawe (una_clover) wrote,

Burze opanowały kraj

Sail to the Moon
So... [tytuł trochę od czapy, bo nie wiedziałam co napisać... a takie zdanie mi wpadło do głowy]
I don't have energy to describe all things which happenned in these two last weeks... D:
I'll post photos, it is the easiest

I was in Prague for a week. This city (generally old town) is full of tourists and souvenirs shops which are all the same everywhere... But buildings, monuments, museums are really amazing. I was lucky to be on Kashiwa Daisuke concert and on United Islands Music Festival. Oh.. and i've seen few groups which participated in ShantyFest 2009 xDD
I came back home tired with camera packed up 1400 photos...

I was on Dir en Grey concert which's unforgetable experience... this was MADNESS 8D These japanese small beasts and the crowd of squealing fangirls.... i was taking photos, movies but quality of them could be better D:


I was on Zombie Walk in Warsaw :D I wasn't a zombie (i's only taking photos, but i want in next year dress up xD), my sister was Zombie Mime. It was really amazing that so many people came, even from other countries. Fortunately the weather was really good..

Lastly, i have my matura exam results, which are good i think.. i wanted from Polish and English 80% and i got 78% :D German 80% i'm happy... biology result is the lowest.. only 62% D:

A i wybieram się w niedziele do Krakowa na tydzień :3 I w końcu też jadę na Balcon, który wypada dzien przed moim wylotem ndo Paryża...
Tags: concert, music, ordinariness, photo, photos, trip
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