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Art and...

I discovered awsome arists recently... through gatochy's flickr i've seen some beautiful works <3333 i recomment looking through her collections, so...

Carl Larsson (May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919) Swedish painter

Marjorie Miller

And various works and ads
Edouard Vuillard

Thomas Rooke

H . Carter

Did you hear about Twilight anime thing? i'm scared....

I read new Bleach, Naruto, xxHolic today and i'm tire out D: Why these series are so wretched now... (btw i found some great bleach and other series fanarts here xD)

Spisuje sobie ostatnio sny i rozmyślam nad możliwością istnienia przejscia do innego wymiaru przez sny... - takie tam moje mędrkowanie -.-
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